Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First Post on Paleo Performance!

Paleo Performance is a coaching service, and education source and, hopefully, a source of motivation for Paleo athletes. Allow myself to introduce... errr... myself! My name is Hugh MacEachran. I'm a category 1 cyclist living in Colorado. I'm also a gym owner, personal trainer and Paleo Diet educator.

I'm writing this blog for athletes I train, athletes who'd like to train with me, passers by who have questions, and for those who are just curious. Please feel free to ask questions. I'll be posting links to research, thinking out loud regarding ideas I have and sharing my experiences with you all.

We'll be discussing The Paleo Diet, and how to train in a Paleo fashion. I make liberal use of CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance without being dogmatic about it all.

I'm offering inexpensive and innovative coaching for endurance athletes and, really, athletes in general who want to explore the Paleo methodology. I have great experience with cyclists, triathletes and people who want to lose weight and/or gain muscle.

Thanks for coming along with me on this adventure. Lets uncover your PALEO

Services offered:
-Training programs written for cyclists, swimmers, runners, triathletes ($150/month)
-Training programs written for people to use in the weight room/gym ($150/month)
-One on one training at my club, Orchards Athletic Club (packages available, starting at 6 half hour sessions for $120. Group rates available)
-Paleo diet education by the session. I can write meal plans for you as well!

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