Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why Paleo?

This morning I strapped on my Vibram Five Fingers and took my dogs for a walk. When I got home I stacked nearly a cord of wood. Lifting, bending, carrying, throwing and more walking. I then laid sod for a few hours. All in all, a pretty paleo kind of morning. It got me to thinking:

Why Paleo? Why cut out all grains, dairy and legumes? Why make eating something more than just putting food in your mouth? Good question! It started with a client of mine having serious problems whittling off those last few pounds in her problem location. I kept telling her "Just tweak the nutrition a little further." She would and still wouldn't see the success she wanted. Finally, I talked her into going full Paleo for 2 weeks. The weight started falling off and her body started to have the shape she wanted.

This client happened to be my wife so when she went full paleo, so did I. We went through our cupboards and threw out all the offending nasties and commenced to try and eat like cavemen. She felt increases in her focus and energy right away. I noticed that I got even leaner than my normal 10-12% body fat I normally live at. At the same time, we both were getting MUCH stronger. I noticed my allergies lessen and my skin has never looked this good. Then... I ran into a snare.

I was arriving at bike races not quite fully fueled. I had read Cordain and Friel's Paleo for Athletes and yet was not practicing it well enough. So, I went back to the drawing board. Sweet potatoes and/or yams on race mornings. A fruit snack with some protein just before races and recovery meals or shakes with coconut milk in them. I finally found the right formula just as the season ended.

But, it starts with a question. Am I living as healthy as I possibly can? Have I optimized all the parameters I can? Paleo is powerfully simple and body weight will normalize even without exercise (!!!) when eating this way. I have clients now who are full paleo and they are getting stronger and stronger, more functional, and they're losing weight effortlessly.

Maybe its time your tried it!

Drop me a line and let me know your thoughts!

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