Saturday, August 27, 2011

4 days into the Paleo Experiment.

My paleo/training client Kandice is 4 days into working with me (she started on Tuesday). She's done great in the workouts and says she's going to be totally strict about the food for the 1st 30 days of our experiment. She's learning the movements (i.e. deadlift, kettlebell swing) quickly and seems to have a solid grasp on the mechanics of Paleo. Here are her remarks:
"Day after Workout 3 with Hugh: Woke up bright and early, totally NOT me. Can feel some muscles in my arms and back, but nothing compared to what I woke up to Thursday after 2 days strait of crossfit training with Hugh. I feel lighter today, and can see a little change in my arms. LOVING it! I believe we are going to take a nice family walk today and tomorrow a full day of rest..."

Its not unusual for people to feel more energy right off the bat when they go Paleo. Particularly if they're managing their stress appropriately. That is to say, if (the stress hormone) cortisol is low at night (you feel tired) and at the appropriate level in the mornings (you feel lively and ready to go). Often people also notice that they no longer "crash" in the afternoon. As your body becomes able to burn fat (it's preferred fuel), your metabolism doesn't rely on glucose stores for energy as much. Since, for all intents and purposes, your body stores a more than adequate amount of fat at any given time, energy levels stay constant throughout the day.

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