Thursday, September 1, 2011

First week done! The numbers.

We're done with out first week of training. Kandice admirable went strict paleo from day 1. 8 days later she's had 5 training sessions with me and she's down 5lbs already. Given that under normal circumstances I don't like to see more than a pound or two per week loss, I'd say we're off to a brisk start. Kandice has performed well in the workouts and always shows up with a smile and a positive outlook. In our final workout of the week yesterday, I turned the screws a little tighter and she stepped right up, though I think she was perhaps starting to suffer a bit near the end. Still, we kept to our half hour format of a thorough active warm up, some instruction on new lifts and then the main set itself. I'm pleased! Here are Kandice's remarks:
  • The numbers are in, and after 1 week I am officially down 5lbs! This is right where Hugh wants me to be but I was honestly/secretly hoping for a "biggest Loser" number. I've never "worked" so hard for it but I guess the trade off is that I get to eat pork bacon and that is something I've never seen on biggest loser.

  • Going into this I wasn't worried about the work because I know I can do it, it was the food that made me question if I could. The food has been amazing! I made a mexican pork chop that my husband is in love with and I have eaten a lot of tasty fish tacos with home made salsa and guac! Did I mention all the eggs and bacon I've had this week ;);).... We even went out to dinner this weekend and I was easily able to make it paleo.

    The work has been steady, but I think Hugh took it up a notch today! Before we were done I was sweating like a tropical storm and my arms were beyond jell-o, but they are going to look great in the morning! That has been the awesome thing about this so far, I can already see a difference. I have also noticed and increase in energy and a better sleep all the way around. I am actually tired between 9-10pm and I have been waking up rearing to go in between 4-6am for the last 5 days. Its amazing what real food and a great workout can do for night time.

I'm not a huge fan of the Biggest Loser and I don't think it's realistic to expect those kinds of results. Thusly, it's set's an often unfair precedent for it's viewers in terms of their picture of losing weight. People in the real world have families, jobs and lives to contend with. People on the biggest loser have none of those other stressors and have a team of trainers and nutritionists dictating their every move and calorie consumed. Moreover, there are several stories of biggest loser contestants putting the weight back on after they leave the show.

Paleo is a lifestyle. It's not a diet with a start, middle and end. It's REAL FOOD and nothing more. No tricks, no secrets, just eating real food.

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