Thursday, September 8, 2011

Paleo, vacation and stress.

So my client Kandice went on vacation last week. She did her best to eat paleo but she also experienced some stress and, well, that complicates things. I often talk to people about this stuff and they get hung up saying "but I can't eat that way when I go out" or "I didn't have control over food because I was at someone's house." When going out to eat, every restaurant will bring you a hunk of meat and a salad. A simple, paleo meal. At people's houses, it can get a bit tougher. Sometimes you have to pick your battles and, if you drop a meal, it's not the end of the world.

Here are Kandice's thoughts:

  • My 18 month old and I just got back from TN. It was a long weekend away to visit a girlfriend I have not spent much time with in the past decade. I did a lot of low impact exercising (walking) and we ate out ALL the time. It was pretty easy to find what I needed (paleo) at all the sit down restaurant. I ate paleo to the T in the first 48 hrs of my trip but then stress started to creep in and I started to revert back to old ways of dealing with it. The last night I was there we went to this place called Ryan's, similar to County Buffet here. They had shrimp 5 different ways too! The salad bar went well and then I got to the main courses and just lost it, I ate shrimp 4 out of the 5 different ways, all deep friend! I did manage to stay away from the shrimp scampi. Then there was the desert bar. I shouldn't have even walked over there but since I had already eaten shrimp, 4 different deep fried ways, I thought what the heck, I'm just really going to blow this one! So I had everything I wanted at the desert bar, bad idea! That night my friend spent most of the night in the ER and I was up most the night taking texts from her. (She was not in the ER because of the food we ate at the buffet, but I'm sure after seeing her eat all weekend her food intake isn't helping her other problems.) I only had a few hours of actually sleep that night and I paid dearly for it all the next morning. My legs were killing me, I assume it was more from the food I had eaten rather then the lack of sleep. It was like I was totally dehydrated my leg muscles were just mad at me, it took a few hours and a lot of water to get everything back to painless working order. That was also the day I was leaving and I managed to have a 100% paleo day. After all the pain I had getting moving that morning and seeing my friend in the condition she was in and knowing a lot of it stems from what she is trying to fuel her body with I knew I had to do better.

    This weekend was a good wake up call for me, my friend is about 10 years older then I, and if I don't fight for it now I will be in her situation in the next ten years. I am so thankful to have Hugh's support and guidance on this life changing journey!

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