Monday, September 26, 2011

Ups and downs.

Kandice has her 4 week weigh in last week. She's doing great and progressing nicely. She's learning how food effects her body and the rate at which she gains or loses weight. She's had some interesting personal experiences recently and is having a gestalt moment where she has some new perspective. Her thoughts:
  • I have had this awesome opportunity to think about death lately. This is not something I normally think about but between the 2 funerals I have attended since I last blogged and my flare up with iritis last Friday I have become very aware of how fragile life really is. Wyatt and I attended a Funeral last Friday (same day as my flare up) of a lady that was 4 months older then ME! It could have been ME. She gave her body too much of something it needed and now she is gone. I have been doing that same thing with food most of my life. I know I can't/wont live forever, God knows just the time, place and reason its going to happen, I just pray that the rapture happens first! Then we all get to go at the same time, and no one is left in pain! That is not the case for my cousin's wife. I grieve deeply for her 9 and 10 year old boys whose dad wants nothing to do with them and her 3 year old that has a dad (my cousin) but now no longer has his mom. Being a parent, I can't imagine what her parents are going through...

    I have got to make better choices. The choices I was making before Hugh stepped into my life were getting me no where consistently. I have consistently fought for the last month with Hugh's help to inch my way closer and closer to my fitness/life goals. I was able to take off 2/10's of a pound this week and my fat is down 1.4%! I am still moving in the right directions, and what I am not seeing on the scale I do feel in my clothes and see in the mirror. I have gotten more compliments this last week than I know what to do with, which just fuels the fire!

    With Hugh's help I was able to take a look to see what could have caused the back up this week. I have decided I need to do better with my green leafy vegetables and lay low on the fruit. My mom has produced some amazing watermelon and cantaloupe this year and one night for dinner this week, it was my dinner! No protein or vegetable just melon. I also need to move more intensely on my days off from the gym. I have been taking walks to the park with Wyatt and playing. I see longer walks and more jumping around at the park being a contender for future results. I also am going to spend less time cleaning the house and more time cuddling, reading and playing with my sweet boy. Life is only as memorable as you make it and I want to leave a legacy!

    For those of you who are wondering what the heck is IRITIS, it is a inflammation of the eye. I have a group of white blood cells where they shouldn't be in my eye and it causes my eye to become sensitive to light, tender to touch my eye lid, and VERY red! But wait there is more, there are 3 causes for iritis: blunt force trauma to the eye, they have no idea, or it could be a sign of a much larger problem, like CANCER, MS, ARTHRITIS ect.... I had my first flare up 1 month before I started with Hugh and I was diagnosed with it the first day I trained with Hugh. My eye specialist isn't concerned yet. He has had me on a eye drop for a month and it was fine for a few weeks but as I tampered off the drops it came back with a vengance! He explained it to me like a forest fire, we didn't put enough water on it and the burning embers flared back up so we just have to send more firefighters in there again! That is our plan of action now, I'm not sure how long it gets to go before we start testing for bigger problems

So, she noticed too much fruit made a difference. Why should that be? As much as we like fruit, yes it's got fiber and bright colors, it's still sugar at the end of the day. From a paleo perspective fruit should be eaten sparingly because of this glut of sugar, particularly if you're in a weight loss phase and your body knows what to do with sugar and carbs. Folks who are significantly overweight often are metabolically deranged enough that they don't use carbs and sugars well and it causes weight gain. Looking at our evolutionary past, fruit would have been seasonal and we had to compete with other animals for it. Evolutionarily, it was not our primary food source.

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