Monday, October 3, 2011

Girls Night for Kandice.

Kandice e-mailed me after a girls night last week. She had struggled a bit with the experience of having to try and stay Paleo during social engagements or going out. Moreover, she experienced what it was like to eat some non-paleo foodstuffs and see how she felt afterwards. Here are her thoughts:

"So last night was a night with the girls, and when you have a girls night there is ALWAYS food. The only thing really paleo there was water, which I indulged in. I also had a cup of chi tea, just one about 10 oz. I am past my 30 day mark with Hugh so I wanted to take advantage of the 80-20 plan, its just one night I will let my hair down and enjoy the night, the girls, and some other foods. The Chi and I got along great but then I got to the food about an hour later. I had some spinach dip with 3 bites of bread, a half of a hand full of candy corn and peanuts, 1 olive penguin (stuffed with cream cheese and had feet and noise made of out carrot, the closest thing to paleo there was there to eat.) and within 15 minutes after eating I felt bloated and heavy, I was thankful for the reminder of what paleo has done for me!"

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