Monday, October 17, 2011

Kandice reports in. Moderation may not be all it's cracked up to be.

Kandice went on a trip and then weighed in last week. The numbers continue to improve but, perhaps not at the rate Kandice was hoping for. With that said, her body fat continues to go down while her weight is a bit inconsistent. The numbers on the scale are probably most reflective of her body tying up water in inflammation or perhaps her adding a bit of muscle. Her workouts are going great as her skills, mobility and fitness continue to improve.

After 30 days strict Paleo, she's now trying a more Primal approach of 80/20. It's working but she's stopped having the "5 pound weeks" she wants in terms of weight loss. When your goals are a bit more significant, say you have more weight to lose, or your health is not what you want, moderation may not be helpful. While it sounds nice, "Hey, everything in moderation", it simply may not serve your goals very well.

Here are Kandice's thoughts from last week:

  • Last weekend we went to South Dakota for a surprise 80th birthday party. It was a lot of fun and we definitely surprised my aunt! I did a lot of things paleo over the weekend but definitely took advantage of my 80/20 plan, (80% paleo and 20% not so much) there was cake and pie. It was cold and wet up there so I didn't get out much until Sunday, we ended up going though the black hills and hiked a bit. It was beautiful! We caught the end of the color changing.

    Looking back over the weekend I now see who my supporters were and who my saboteurs were. Having a goal, and doing things differently can really make people say things that mess with your mind. I believe some times they do it unintentionally, all the same its hard not to hear. I just need to remember that it is my weight and my heath at risk, and words can only have an effect if I let them.

    The numbers are in for this week and I am up 1 pound but down 2% in fat. I evaluated very little over the numbers because it hasn't been the trend, and regardless of the big number on the scale going up the percentage says we are still moving in the right direction. I plan to stick to paleo more on a 90/10 ratio this week and make the most of my time with and without Hugh. I know that the food is my biggest battle so I am really going to reign in on it this week and plan that the number on the scale will respond accordingly. I have 6 weeks between now and Thanksgiving and I plan to lose at least 15lbs. I feel confident that is a very do able goal with paleo and Hugh's help.

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