Saturday, October 8, 2011

Life happens.

So Kandice had a rough week this week. She didn't get many workouts in but seems to be in control of the food. I often say you can't exercise your way out of a bad diet and I find that, for the most part, if you've got the food dialed, you can miss a few work outs and still move in the direction of your weight goals (gain, loss, maintenance). Usually when your life is getting in the way, it's a fairly stressful situation too. Eating this way minimizes inflammation and helps to maintain your insulin sensitivity so that you don't fall victim to as many of the ails of stress. Here are Kandice's thoughts for the week:

"So life happened this week! I only had 2 workouts with Hugh, the third was postponed due to a 12 hour tummy bug that ripped through Wyatt last night. Which means I am without a weigh in for this week. I will be going to South Dakota this weekend for a Surprise 80th Birthday Party and my thought right now is I would rather be skinny then have tortilla chips. I believe I will have great success if I can keep this attitude while I am away!"

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