Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A little bit on Paleo for athletes (or athletic people anyway).

I turned the screws a little tighter on Kandice last week with regards to her training. While she found it all difficult, she did nicely. Eating Paleo and being an athlete, or athletic anyway, requires a delicate balance. You want just enough carbs to fuel your activity if you're training intensely (and, thusly, tapping the glycolytic energy pathway that burns carbs) but not so much that you're body creates new fat stores. If you're exercising at a lower intensity, you can tap fat stores for energy and the eating looks differently.

I like to use Robb Wolf's "Cyclic Low Carb" approach with starchy or fruit carbs before and/or after workouts and the rest of my meals being mostly meat and vegetables. I'm a big believer in carb repletion following workouts and prefer to do it with real food if possible. I bring this up because Kandice had some difficulty with workouts last week so she tried "pre-carbing" her workouts a bit. Here are her thoughts:

"I struggled at the gym this week, Monday I did a lot of running and got dizzy. Tuesday we did a 2 part work out and I blew through the first part and made it to the final round of the 2nd part and I was shaking so hard I had to take a knee. After some discussion with Hugh we decided that I should "carb up" before workouts, which would look like a piece of fruit and some meat. I felt a lot stronger through today's workout with the extra carbs.

I have noticed that the closer I follow my paleo food plan the less sleep my body wants. Monday morning it was rainy and dark out, perfect sleeping weather! I woke up early on my own and tried to go back to sleep, but just couldn't... I was very productive until Wyatt woke up and then we just snuggled and read books until it was time to go work out. It was nice to get things done while Wyatt was sleeping so I could gave him 100% of my attention with the time we had!"

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