Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Paleo diet and neurological disorders.

There is emerging thought that the gut uses a similar biochemical toolbox to the brain. The Paleo diet improves gut health dramatically and, some think, can have an enormous positive effect on some neurological disorders like MS and alzheimers. I recently worked with an Orchards Athletic Club member with an MS like neuro disorder. Here are her remarks:

Thank you Hugh ! I just finished 10 sessions, and although the workouts were amazing, the best advice was to go gluten free and Paleo ! I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder 4 years ago and since that time exercising has been bitters...weet dealing with the lack of energy, numbness, clumsiness, tough recoveries etc. Since going GF/ Paleo I have not had an MS type episode !! That is significant, considering they were occurring bi-weekly at least! I have more energy and recovering from a workout is a piece of cake…albeit a gluten free, sugar free, frosting free torte type of cake, but cake nonetheless !!! So a huge thank you Hugh !!! And as an added bonus the gluten free lifestyle has made me a little bit more lean and able to see the results of those workout sessions with Hugh !!

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