Friday, February 24, 2012

Daddy WOD and my cave baby.

I'm in Phoenix for the second half of this week visiting with my in-laws. I love the desert in winter. Since I don't have access to a gym, I'm just doing little workouts at a little park down the street from the house. Someday, my wee-one will play on the swings and slide down the slide there. Today's Daddy WOD, with the wee-one on my chest in the baby bjorn, was:

Walk briskly for 10 minutes
Then 10 minutes of:
- lunges
- squats
- push-ups
- sit-ups
- pull-ups (which were REALLY hard w/14 lbs extra weight)

Now, about my little cave baby. When my wife and I got pregnant, we began researching how you raise a baby Paleo. My wife ate strict Paleo every day of her pregnancy and was very lean and strong throughout. I read a great blog written by a guy who's done just that. He had a lot of interesting things to say about it. Find that here. Then we discovered Everyday Paleo and Growing Up Paleo. These last two are blogs written by ladies raising children and managing families, jobs and a life. Lots of interesting read there as well. But, going back to the first blog I mentioned, he mentions what kinds of benefits eating this way can convey on your child. A few he mentions are:

- Paleo baby was born with eyes wide open
- Paleo baby is also the most cheerful, easy going baby I've ever encountered
- Paleo baby regularly sleeps regularly sleeps the entire night through
- Paleo baby is the antithesis of a colicky baby, 80% of the time baby awakens without crying. Paleo baby will coo, giggle or laugh until my wife or I awakes to feed or change the diaper
- Paleo baby has only had diaper rash once
He also goes on to say his baby doesn't get sick and, so far, shows no allergies.

I'm a new parent so, what do I know. I suspect lots of babies, Paleo or not, exhibit stuff like mentioned above. Interestingly there's some research data to suggest that a meat heavy diet for moms can produce calm, happy babies as mentioned above. Find that here. And that no-grain diets for babies can ensure better gut health. Which is good because there is thought that gut bacteria is an important component of the immune system.

With our baby, we recently started feeding him solid foods. Being that we want him to be Paleo, we skipped the rice cereals and made our own baby foods. I've enjoyed making him (in my Baby-bullet baby blender) sweet potatoes, squash, and bananas. All mixed with breast milk. We've done that for a few weeks and I'm going to start him on meats soon. Pureed, grassfed beef and buffalo will be among the firsts. He gets good fats and proteins, among other things, from the breast milk so I'm not in a hurry to introduce meats or other fats but, I'll do so with great interest.

This should be an interesting adventure. Our baby is calm, smiley, sleeps a lot and is very lean. Because he's Paleo? I like to think so but, again, this is my first baby so maybe it's just the kid, maybe it's the parenting. But, maybe, just maybe, it's the food.

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