Wednesday, February 15, 2012

End of year round-up and what's up for this year.

Hey folks, I wrote up a whole new blog post and somehow lost it all in fooling with and polishing it. Oh well. Technology, they same some day it'll make out lives easier! LOL! I'm back to blogging! Kandice and I ended our 90 day experiment and she lost weight and was very pleased with both her results with her weight and her conditioning. Find her results below. Also, I was very distracted with the birth of our baby boy, look out for future posts on what it's like to raise our baby paleo. Finally, keep on the look out for an EXCLUSIVE Q&A with fitness, figure and bikini model Haley Davis. You'll be impressed with the work she puts in and the body she's cultivated. Find her here.

Kandice's remarks:

"Paleo and Cross Fit have changed my life! I got some real world application with cross fit this holiday season. Every Thanksgiving weekend for the past 9 years we have gone to Rott National Forest to "tree hunt" for our Christmas tree with 30 or so other people. This year was the first year that I didn't struggle to hike around and I actually carried the tree out of the forest by myself! It was amazing and impressive to the people around me! My husband was amazed seeing this real world application out of me, he had tried to carry the 12 ft tree out of the forest himself, but every 10 steps he would have to stop and rest, so when I asked to take over he just laughted because I had NEVER offered nor had I ever been strong enough to accomplish such a task! But sure enough I carried the tree the rest of the way out of the forest and never had to stop, which was about 3/4 of the total way! It was very satisfying to be able to do that and show everyone that what Hugh has me doing at the gym does work and works better then anything I have tried in the last 6+ years at the gym! I credit the Paleo part of the training just as much if not more then the cross fit, for when I fuel my body properly the output I get is AMAZING! Also because of Paleo I was able to get through the whole holiday season and actually loose a few more pounds! That is the hardest time of year for me to actually maintain but this year I lost! I have learned with Paleo that you are never out of the game long, it only takes one meal to get you back on track and feeling better!"

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