Thursday, March 15, 2012

Catching up, paleo baby and MS.

I was at a dinner party last night where they were kinda picking our (my wife and my) brains about the Paleo diet, what it is, and why we eat this way. It reminded me that I needed to get back to work here on the blog.

Ahhh spring. It's my favorite time of year. The weather is getting noticeably warmer and sunnier here in CO and, FINALLY the time has changed and we have more light at the ends of the days. I know some people feel that daylight savings robs them of an hour but I'll GLADLY give up some convenience for the end of the day sunlight time.

My little cave-baby is doing well. He's eating solid foods at all but his last meal of the day. Thus far we've given him blueberries, pears, apples, sweet potato, spinach and carrots. He loves blueberries and apples! I'm eager to try him on a little animal protein but, after an ill-fated attempt at chicken and blueberry mixing (NOT tasty), I'll think of something else. I'm making all his food for him and I derive great pleasure in using fresh single ingredient foods. Since I'm a stay at home dad in the afternoons, I take the times when he is napping to steam or boil and then puree foods for him. I have to thank my mother for succumbing to an infomercial and getting me a Baby Bullet blender. It's convenient mostly for the storage stuff that comes with it.

I've been asked to speak in front of a men's MS (Multiple Sclerosis) support group on the benefits of eating paleo. Lectin and gluten both are implicated in MS and the literature is pretty good to support this:

- noted Paleo researcher Loren Cordain has addressed it here.
- there are abundant scientific papers on the subject here and here.

The gist is that MS has a significant auto-immunity component. Anti-nutrients like lectin and gluten alter intestinal permeability. This allows things to get across the intestinal barrier that might not normally, like fecal matter. This foreign matter is sensed as non-self in the blood stream and causes a full body, systemic inflammation and an accompanying immune response to non-self contaminants. The immune system swings into overdrive and disease states occur.

I worked with a woman here at Orchards Athletic Club who had an MS-like neurological disorder considered to be a pre-cursor to MS. We put her on a low-ish carb Paleo diet and, within 8 weeks, she had stopped having symptoms (MS type episodes) altogether. While she liked doing hard workouts with me to firm up, what really helped her the most was the dietary intervention. This was life changing for her.

It's almost like this stuff works!

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