Monday, March 26, 2012

Did cooking make us human?

I came across this interesting BBC documentary that is about cooking and how it unlocks the nutrients in food, and the nutritional advantage that gave us as a species. I watched it at about the time we started feeding our cave-baby solid foods. I've born that mind ever since. I steam sweet potatoes, turnips and squash for him to allow easier access to the starches. We peel and steam brightly colored fruits for him. We cook and then puree meats for him as well (so far, ironically, he seems to like tinned tuna the most). It's been interesting to feed him new flavors and see what he does, and doesn't like.

But, back to our progenitors. Carbon isotope testing shows that our ancestors ate a lot of meat. Paleoanthropological digs show that bones were cut and processed to remove meat and then the bones themselves were cracked open to access to very nutritious bone marrow within. Their theory in the documentary is that this easy access to quality nutrition is what allowed our brains to develop to their present level of sophistication. Have a watch!

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