Friday, May 4, 2012

Grains, legumes and dairy are too big a part of your life? How big a part of your life is illness?

I was having a conversation today with someone that has been seeing a homeopathic doctor to help resolve hypothyroidism. She was saying that this doctor had told her that gluten was a serious baddy in this fight and that she was going off gluten. I've talked here before about gluten and auto-immunity and thyroid problems fall into this category. She kept saying, over and over, how hard it is to go off of grains. I've had this experience before.

I had a client last year that had been diagnosed with an MS related neurological disorder, which she had episodes of several times per month, and she had come to me to preserve her current level of strength and balance as she expected to begin losing it as she became sicker. I know from my work that MS also has an auto-immunity component so, in addition to training her, we talked a lot about food. Specifically, about (you guessed it) going grain, legume and dairy free. She too, said that grains were a big part of her life as she was part of an Italian family and bread and pasta were part of family functions. I asked her, perhaps being a big argumentative "How big a part of your life is being sick?" She saw my point, went out and did her homework, and decided to go paleo. Her neurological condition went into remission quickly and she is now symptom free.

To return to the conversation I had today, I threw that story out there to this woman and she admitted that she had bought a book on Paleo but that she loved her oatmeal every morning. I asked her how much she liked having a dodgy thyroid every morning too. She seemed to see my point.

And the point is this, we're brought up eating certain foodstuffs at certain times. We believe that certain food items are consumed at breakfast, others only at lunch and still others at the dinner table. Remember folks, it's just food. It tastes the same any time of the day and is equally nutritious, or not, at any time of day. We have emotional attachments to foods. But, at the end of the day, we have emotions about feeling well and performing well too. Don't let your preconceived notions about food stop you from moving in the direction of wellness.

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