Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Business systems - crazy busy is not necessarily a good thing, and may be a management problem.

When I talk to managers or employees at a business that talk about how they're too busy, they're running around like a chicken with it's head cut-off and they can get anything done, and so forth, I recognize this as a management problem. Employees often assume it's a personal short coming of their own. 

Not true. It's a sign of management, and the company, not having clearly defined job descriptions, and poorly or inappropriately delegating tasks. I saw this frequently with the Chamber of Commerce in Loveland. One of their employees was a client of mine. She was often so busy that she could not perform any one task well as she was spread too thin. Similarly, a manager, who was also a personal trainer, that I recently worked with at a local health club was so busy that she was impossible to schedule appointments with. In the latter case, here management had failed to delineate where she was to spend the majority of her hours. As such, her hours were utter chaos and her customer service suffered for it.

The solution is not working more or harder, it's working smarter. While its good to have employees that help out where help is needed, and its good to have people that take care of what needs to be done, job descriptions and expectations are vital. 

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