Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Paleo, rest, the skids, and recovery.

So I've got good news and bad news. The bad news is that I'm still looking for a job. It's been a bit sparse and a very slow moving process. The good news is that I'm getting an adequate amount of sleep, I'm paying close attention to my nutrition, I'm managing a not inconsiderable amount of stress, and since I've got a little more time, I'm getting the workouts in. And all of this adds up to me starting to get some fitness and strength back.

We're being frugal around here for obvious reasons. And, as such, we're only getting the essentials at the grocery and farmers market. For us, being paleo, that means veggies and some fruit come from the farmer's market ($12/bag - and a bag is enough to last us a week). I love farmer's market. There are lots of local vendors selling vegetables, local often grassfed meat, curios, and my favorite, food trucks! The vegetables are fresh and most often organic and I know that my dollars are going directly to the farmer rather than through an entire distribution channel. Everyone in the neighborhood, and visitors from outside too, comes out for this event on Sundays and I consider it to be not only grocery shopping but also entertainment for the weekend.

Then, at the grocery store, we get meat and the staples like coconut oil, coffee, diapers and a touch of dark chocolate here and there.

So back to the title of this post. We all think that if we do the workouts, and they're hard enough and heavy enough, we'll get stronger, right? Well, not exactly. You have to balance in nutrition, stress and rest too. In other words, as I've said before, you've got to have all your ducks lined up if you're going to get stronger or bigger. Since my lifestyle has changed a bit recently I can figure in the correct amount of rest and go heavy when I need to and do the CrossFit style metcons (metabolic conditioning workouts) when I need to. I'm a big fan of CrossFit. My workouts tend to veer in the direction of conditioning more than strength and, thusly, I know I'm probably not as strong as I'd like to be or should be. And so, with all of that said, I'm doing the workouts. Some heavy, some on my bike, and some fast and hard. I also have time to think about what I'm going to eat following the workout, and that matters. My shape has changed a little and I'm a little leaner. With all the sitting I had been doing at my previous two jobs I had lost both strength and mass.

Now, I know that when I go back to work, this'll all change again and I'll have to find a new balance. I like to say that your body is a work in progress, and you can, and will, work on it your entire life. I'm looking at going back to work in the fitness industry so I may end up doing some amount of personal training, teaching spin classes or, heck, I'm even looking at coaching a master's swim team. But, I'm also looking at staying in the business or sales side of things too.

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