Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hormones Control Metabolism, not Calories.

Here's a short post today. I realize I haven't been exactly prolific in posting and, for that, I apologize dear readers. There's a lot of dietary/nutritional information out there. And a lot of it is based on the same old conventional wisdom; and a lot of it is just plain wrong. Yes, it's true, clearly we're eating too much of SOMEthing(s) but it's more complex than that. Metabolism has everything to do with weight control and nutrient utilization. 

T-Nation put up and article this morning that I feel really illustrates well how this all works. As with most things in biological systems, it all hinges on the complex interplay of hormones and nutrition. I cannot stress enough how important this is: “@T_Nation: Calories don't control metabolism, hormones do. New article:

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