Friday, April 11, 2014

Paleo Diet starting places and recipe resources.

A friend of mine texted me the other day saying she was going to get on board with Paleo and gluten free. She was wondering if I had any good resources for recipes and so forth. I get asked this question a lot and, since I haven't published my own book on this stuff, I thought I finally talk about some resources that I like and use. Personally, I don't really use recipes or cookbooks much as I think it's more important to know what foods are Paleo, and then I just put the foods together I think will taste good combined.

First off, I have a few go-to resources I like.

1. The best of which is Primal Palate's 30 Day Guide to Paleo. It's full of meal plans AND includes shopping lists so you don't have to try and do it all on your own. They also send you emails with tips, tricks, encouragement and guidance. It's a great resource that I can't recommend enough. Get it today!

2. I believe the two thought leaders in the ancestral health movement are Mark Sisson and Robb Wolf. Mark has written a great book called The Primal Blueprint and runs a great website at You can go buy that here.

He has great recipes and testimonials and a ton of other really great content. While he uses the term "Primal", he means paleo, though he is more moderate in that he advocates an 80/20 approach; especially as it relates to dairy. He's a slightly older gentleman who is a former elite triathlete and really approaches the subject matter from a health and longevity perspective.

Robb Wolf is a former research scientist and is my personal guru when it comes to Paleo. Robb runs a great website with a lot of research articles and how-to articles at He has also written a superb book called The Paleo Solution. You can buy that here.

He has some great tips in his Quick Start Guide. Robb covers subject matter ranging from curing disease (i.e. autoimmune disease like MS, eczema, allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, etc...) to fueling workouts to losing weight.

4. Finally, a gentleman named John Durant has written a great book called The Paleo Manifesto. It covers a lot of the thought behind Paleo and a whole lot more. There aren't really any recipes or much of a how-to, but it really discusses the thought behind the model. You can buy that here.

5. Loren Cordain is the kind of the God Father of the Paleo movement in the US. He wrote the Original The Paleo Diet and has a great website at There are some great Online resources on his website.

6. Here are some cookbooks that are easy to find and use out there. Any Barnes and Noble will have some or all of these.

Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals

Primal Cravings - this cookbook talks about how to make your favorite foods Paleo.

Primal Blueprint Cookbook

Paleo Comfort Foods - I like the title and idea of this book. I don't have it but I'd love to get it.

Best Paleo Slow Cooker Recipes - this book I have and it has a lot more than just slow cooker food.

The Paleo Diet Cookbook - this is Loren Cordain's entry and I've heard him talk about it, it sounds like there's quite a bit of his research grounding in it.

There you go folks. These are some of the resources I like. I look at and almost daily. I'd be interested to get your input on them too!

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