Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I'm experimenting with something new! The Paleo Performance minute.

I listen to quite a few podcasts. And I peruse a host of fitness-y websites including those concerning the Crossfit community. Anyone who reads my blog or follows my social media (@locosphinx on twitter) knows I'm a big fan of Crossfit. In that community there is a physical therapist named Kelly Starrett or "K-Star." He is revolutionizing the fitness, mobility and movement game. He posted a year of mobility concerned videos to his website. They were short, instructive and light hearted for the most part.

I also listen to Tim Ferriss's Podcast, he of "The Four Hour Work Week" and "The Four Hour Body" fame. He had someone on the other day that does a periodic 6 minute video he posts on his blog. So, it occured to me that I wanted to try to create something like that regularly. A way to touch on points briefly and concisely. With that said, I'm going to post "The Paleo-Performance Minute." I started out thinking I'd do one, one minute video per week (as you'll hear in the first video). But, I then decided I'm going to do them extemporaneously. In other words, whenever there's something on my mind regarding Paleo, strength and conditioning, or fitness or health in general. 

I bring you videos number one and two of "The Paleo-Performance Minute."

Here's number one:

And here's number two (I wasn't done yet after all):

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