Monday, February 13, 2017

And books. Lets talk about Paleo books too!

There are a bevy of paleo books out there. Cookbooks. How to books. You name it.

And I think there are a notable few.

The Whole 30 is having a moment right now. And with good reason. Instead of being a "cleanse" (cringe!), it's more of an elimination of all processed food and sugars. It's meant to reset your insulin sensitivity (you can use carbs instead of storing them as fat) and to reset your body to a place where you don't have cravings.

This books is called It Starts With Food. It's an excellent way to get into doing The Whole 30.

The other book I like is more of an informational read. It talks about how it's perfectly natural for you to want to eat everything in sight. And that you shouldn't feel guilty about that.

In fact, sugars and processed foods short circuit your body's normal hunger and satiety mechanisms. So you actually ARE hungrier than normal when you eat those foods, making it nearly impossible to follow the "eat less and exercise more" advice so often given.

This book is called "Wired To Eat." I listen to this author's podcast and he has talked in depth about the book.

So there you go. There are tons of others out there.

As always, hit me up with questions!

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