Thursday, February 9, 2017

Let's talk about supplements.

For as much as I take a whole foods approach, there are some supplements that I like. Often when I talk to people about how they should approach eating, they tell me there are times when they're too busy to eat.

In those instances, I say if it's the difference between not eating at all or using some supplementation, by all means go for the supplement. So, with that said, let's go!

This one is a popular one, particularly in the mornings. Mornings can be a busy time with trying to sleep as late as possible and still make it to work. If there's not time to make breakfast, then a protein shake can be a good alternative.

I like Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein. It's  protein derived from bone broth (which is super healthy stuff itself) that tastes good and isn't massively expensive. Many people find that if they're stomaches are sensitive to whey, they often do better on something like this. And paleo folks generally like the bone broth aspect too. It's also carb and sugar free.

If you're strict paleo then   is a better way to go. It satisfies the requirements of paleo and is a high quality food too.

Virtually no adult in America is getting enough greens. We're talking the cruciferous variety here, green leafy vegetables. Think kale, spinach, chard, etc...

It's hard to imagine a food with a better nutrients to calorie ratio than greens. It's nutrient dense without being packed full of calories. It should be a major staple of everyone's diet.

Many folks, kids included, don't much care for greens. This is where supplementation can be massively beneficial. And mixed with your protein powder it'd be a powerful way to start the day, or as a post workout shake.

I like Athletic Greens. This supplement will cover all your bases with regards to nutrients and many people actually report noticeable improvements in energy and even mood.

I saved this one for last because many of my clients are trying to lose weight. And so supplementing carbs isn't high on their priority list.

But, a few of my clients, and some friends too, are athletes and supplementing their energy with carbs is important. Rather than falling back on sugary gatorade or juices, there are some great alternatives.

One is 3FUEL. This is actually whey protein and starch combined. It's a great supplement to use during and after workouts. It's been a hit with ultramarathon runners and folks in the CrossFit community.

Another is Nubeleaf Sweet Potato Powder. This is just what it says it is. It's sweet potato powder and is great for during and after workouts. It's paleo approved so it's a great addition to your training regime if you're a paleo athlete like a crossfitter. And it's not packed full of unpronounceably chemicals.

This is just a short rundown of some things I like. I'll cover more in future blogposts.

But, if you're looking for high quality, "Hugh-approved" supplements, here you go!

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